Building fragments

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Museum Lambert van Meerten has a large number of building fragments on display. Everywhere windows, consoles, friezes, and even complete hearths and cupboard beds are incorporated in the building. Many of these are from houses in Delft, but some are from other cities. The beds in the Study originated from Hindeloopen and those on the first floor from Leiden.

Wood carvings
An important part of the collection of building fragments consists of a group of 16 carved window pillars, balusters, and a carved archway from the 16th century.

Jan Schouten has saved these carvings in 1882 from the destruction of a corn storehouse at the Koornmarkt. Here,  the house ‘Het wapen van Ceulen’ of the Lord Major Willem Jacobszn. Binckvliet was situated. Six of the pillars carry the date 1537; the year after the Great fire of Delft, which burnt down half the city.

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Museum Lambert van Meerten is momenteel voor individuele bezoekers gesloten vanwege een museale heroriëntatie. Voor groepsontvangsten en rondleidingen, museumlessen en zaalverhuur is het museum wel toegankelijk.


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